Corporate Main Principles

AW EUROPE has adopted the AISIN Group's Principles of Corporate Behaviour and the AISIN AW Group's corporate philosophy spearheaded by the Quality Supremacy principle.

Quality Supremacy

We aim to better serve our customers and contribute to society, while, at the same time, continuously growing our company. We can only achieve this through having a body of outstanding people who are motivated and fulfilled by their work.Therefore, our people are our most valuable asset.

This makes AW EUROPE a human-centric organisation where the satisfaction of employees is a central concern considered as a basis for creating a harmonious blend of Customer Satisfaction and Respect for human cultures and the environment.

AW EUROPE s.a. and AW TECHNICAL CENTER EUROPE s.a. are certified IATF-6949 companies and are currently preparing the IATF certification.


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Customer Delight

Provide customers in markets worldwide with attractive, reliable products and services that meet their needs, while inspiring their trust. We plan to achieve this through basing technology and product development on a thorough understanding of customer needs. Our Corporate Social Responsibility with regard to Customer Satisfaction.

Well-Being Of Our Employees

Create a corporate environment in which our people are encouraged to use their individual abilities to the full, and in which they are well and fairly rewarded for their contributions. We are committed to helping our people feel a sense of achievement, as well as find a healthy balance between their working and personal lives. Our Human Resources Main Principles.

Contribution to the Environment And Society

Tree Planting Ceremony at production start, Oct. 1993
Respect the culture and laws of all the countries in which we carry our business. At the same time, we pledge to respect the environment in all our business activities and in every product we develop.

 In their commitment to environmental issues the Belgian sites of AW EUROPE s.a. and AW TECHNICAL CENTER EUROPE s.a. are certified ISO14001.

Certificat 2020 p1Certificat 2020p2

ISO14001_Certificate_AWTCE_Valid till April  2023


AW Group Companies

AW Group

Focussing on Drivetrain and Vehicle Information Technologies for passenger cars, the AW Group currently includes 23 companies worldwide employing over 22,000 people. More

AISIN Group Companies

The Aisin Group is a network of subsidiaries and affilitates of Aisin Seiki Co.,Ltd. The Aisin Group, with its 187* companies on every continent, offers a product line-up covering virtually every element of an automobile. The group has applied its expertise accumulated in the automotive field to offer products and services in a range of energy-related and lifestyle products. The Aisin Group currently employs more than 80.000 people worldwide. More

*(including equity method affiliates, as of April 30th, 2014),

Company History

1969 : Creation of AISIN WARNER Co., Ltd by Aisin Seiki and Borg-Warner
1972 : Production launch of automatic transmissions (3 sp)
1977 : Production launch of automatic transmissions (4 sp)
1983 : Production launch of transaxle automatic transmissions for FWD vehicles (4 sp)
1990 : Establishment of AW Europe in Belgium (Braine-l'Alleud)
1992 : R&D & testing activities on automatic transmissions
1993 : Production launch of electronic units in Braine-l'Alleud (Transmission control unit)
1996 : R&D, marketing and sales of Car Navigation systems (Braine-l'Alleud)
1997 : Remanufacturing of automatic transmissions in Mons (Baudour)
1998 : Opening of an After Sales Centre in Mons (Baudour) and ISO-9000 Certification
1999 Opening of the Wolfsburg Office (Germany)
2002 : ISO-14001 Certification (environment)
2003 : Opening of a new electronics production center on the Mons site (Baudour)
2003 : Opening of the Paris Office
2005 : Implementation of new electronics production lines (Car Navigation Systems)
2006 : Inauguration of a test track in Mons (Baudour)
2011 : Assembly of hydraulic control elements for automatic transmissions
2012 : Inauguration of a new extension (logistics platform logistique)
2013 : Use of inland waterways for deliveries to Mons site (Baudour)
2014 : New Logistics Extension (Baudour)

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